baby in cot Baby in cot

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When your baby outgrows his bassinet, the transition to a cot is a must. For instance, your infant may feel cozier in the small confines of the bassinet rather than in an expansive crib or cot as they are known in England. However, bassinets can only be used for a short time and a transition to a crib will soon be needed.

Any stimulation before bed just makes it harder for them to get to sleep. If opting for a cot from birth, use the highest base position for newborns and lower it as baby starts to push up on their hands and knees, sit and stand.

Understanding this milestone can help you and your baby successfully make the transition from bassinet to cot. Video of the Day Time Frame for Transitions Babies can use bassinets safely until they reach three to four months old, or until they have exceeded the weight limit indicated on the bassinet.

baby in cot Baby in cot

If there is no weight limit listed, assume the reasonable weight limit of 20 pounds. A baby may also need to transition from bassinet to cot when he is able to move around or sit up, as this means the bassinet has now become too small and too shallow for him. This new movement also increases his chance of falling out of the bassinet. In addition, if your baby is waking up multiple times during the night, it may be because the bassinet is too small for him.

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  • How to Transition You may need to help your baby in her transition to a new bed. You can help her get used to the new situation by initiating cot-time during the day.

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  • For instance, place her in her cot so that she can see you while you clean the room, says the Baby Center site. You can also play with her while she sits in the cot. This allows her to become accustomed to the new surroundings and to view the cot as a fun place. Problems If your baby has problems falling asleep in his cot, do not assume the source of the problem is the cot itself.

    Often, transitions like these precipitate transitions in how your baby falls asleep.

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  • For instance, if the transition to a new cot meant a transition to a new bedroom, he may not be comfortable or trusting of his new surroundings and thusly may have problems falling asleep. To remedy this, invest in a dim night-light. This allows him to see his environment and register its familiarity if he happens to wake up. In addition, if bed swaps required a change in night-time routine, like no more rocking to sleep, his sleep problems may be a response to the lack of this disturbance.

    To fix this, stay loyal to his routine. This will keep your baby feeling relaxed and able to settle down even in new surroundings, according to the Baby Center site. In addition, be sure you place her on her back when she sleeps, as this also reduces the risk of SIDS. Insight for Parents This transition may mean that your baby will cry after being placed in the cot.

    This may be upsetting to you, but do not return to soothe him for a few minutes. This allows him the possibility of falling asleep on his own.

    I also found that, at first, both mine liked to be more secure in their bedding, mimicking the womb — like a swaddle. You smoke - or your partner smokes - even if you do not smoke in the home. Bedclothes Do not use a pillow - just use a firm mattress that fits well into the cot, covered with a sheet.

    You may have to continue doing this until your baby realizes that his cries are not effective in removing him from the cot, says the Kids Health site.



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