cot bed quilt size uk Cot bed quilt size uk

Available in two sizes and four designs. Suitable for boys and girls, aged 2 to 8. Safe and secure Helps prevent falling out of bed — provides security for your child and peace of mind for you. So no need for bed rails and bumpers. Sleep tight, move freely Kids have plenty of wriggle room to move about and can get in and out of bed quickly and easily.

Place backing fabric on top, right side down, and tack all three layers together down the centre and across the width. Sheets and blankets Although you can now buy baby sleeping bags for newborn babies, most parents start off with cotton sheets and cotton cellular blankets. Attach to top and bottom edges as before.

Happy household Catch up on broken sleep. With children sleeping soundly, parents can enjoy their own sleep and recharge their batteries. Wriggle-proof Covers stay put throughout the night — fidget-proof bedding for little wrigglers keeping them warm and toasty. It means no more bed rails and cushions on the floor! And toddlers feel safe and secure, less likely to get tangled up in covers, therefore their sleep patterns can start to improve.

This bedding really could save your sleep! Do the same for the two flaps on the pillowcase.

cot bed quilt size uk Cot bed quilt size uk

Tuck the flaps underneath the mattress as shown above. The bedding is now held in place.

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  • Smooth down the duvet cover to conceal all flaps, giving the appearance of a standard duvet cover — as shown above. Your child can now hop into bed.

    Just the night before using this cover my son, once again, rolled out of bed. We're already recommending to friends. Well done Tuck n' Snug. I cannot believe no-one has done this before. They love being snuggled in at bedtime 20 months and 3 and remain tucked in all night. Lots of friends have been asking us where we got them! My daughter was complaining that her sleeping bag was too hot. She can now get in and out as she pleases and pushes the duvet down if she's too hot - without waking up mummy!

    It was so simple to put on the bed, but genius. Loved by Fran Richardson, West Sussex I have a very restless three year old who constantly woke me up in the middle of the night because she had lost her duvet and was cold.

    Tuck n' Snug solved this problem even using just a side flap and the bottom flap. The pillow flaps are also very useful. I now have a good night's sleep and a toastie toddler. It has definitely improved Little Miss's sleeping regime. We love this product, truly I would tell everyone about it.

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  • Loved by Susan K Mann, Family Lifestyle Blogger This is a brilliant product and in my opinion, a must-have for every parent with a wriggly child through the night. Tuck n' Snug is the perfect product for those night time wrigglers! The first couple of nights he woke up as I think he was in a routine of waking up at those times but by night 3 he slept in his own bed for the whole night - a miracle in our book and it is still working.

    I can see this being a huge national success story and I'm sure that in due course Tuck n' Snug will be sold in many of the UK's biggest stores. They are a Sussex-based business with a great idea. A great product and appealing design. Loved by S, aged 6 We really like the product. I found her all tucked in the next morning.

    This gave me peace of mind and now I do not need to go in every night to check. I would say that is has definitely helped to improve his sleeping and his ability to keep his covers on him. Loved by Mummascribbles, Family Lifestyle Blogger Tuck n' Snug was invented by a mum, Annabel Anderson, so she knew what was needed - something simple to use and easy to clean, that gets the job done. Loved by The Moderate Mum, Family Lifestyle Blogger As a mum of a night wriggler, I would recommend it warmly as an efficient and safe way to keep your child warm and tucked in all night.

    Not only with how much it helps the kids stay in bed but how well the bedding stays in place too. Thank you Tuck n' Snug for making bedtimes and sleep more easy to achieve. Loved by The Honest Mother, Family Lifestyle Blogger The bedding is perfect and definitely helps keep duvets on and children warm - and asleep! Tuck n' Snug has transformed our bedtimes.

    Loved by Claire, Leicestershire A fantastic product. Would definitely buy again. Loved by Katie, Northants It's quick, it's easy, it's simple. It is, in actual fact, genius.

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  • The whole house is a much happier place. Loved by a mum of 3 year old, Bo This is a fabulous idea and the product is great. Loved by Andrea, Lincolnshire I can see Tuck n' Snug being a good solution for parents who are woken up by a duvet gone missing.

    The little ladies duvets stayed in place all night. There is still plenty of wriggle room and they can get in and out easily without untucking the duvet. Loved by 3littleladiesandme, Family Lifestyle Blogger If you want your child to feel safe and secure at night, you'll love this innovative product. Sarah Dixon Paediatric Sleep Consultant, Harley Street, London My seven year old is a real pickle when it comes to kicking his sheets and covers off his bed so I was interested to try Tuck n' Snug with him.

    What a difference this has made to him and me. Natalie Trice, Author We tried a Tuck n' Snug toddler set after my daughter's operation for hip dysplasia.

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    Due to her condition and fragile nature of her hips we couldn't risk her falling out of bed. We have been using Tuck n' Snug for a few weeks now and it's been a big success Jenni, Wokingham The ultimate 'wriggle-proof' bedding for toddler and children at home and on holiday.

    Anna Miller, mother to twin girls I am pleased to say that apart from the normal antics of triplet bedtime.

    cot bed quilt size uk Cot bed quilt size uk

    Nearly every night the boys have slept soundly and stayed in bed. I would definitely recommend this as the next step for little ones after sleeping bags. Claim your bed back Get some sleep in your own bed. Sleep soundly — free from night-time explorers. A bit like a Mummy cuddle — without Mummy. Well-behaved bedding Going to bed means staying in bed. Well-travelled Pack home comforts for your holiday. If your child is well rested, he or she is more likely to reach their full potential both at school and play.

    Children around the age of 4 to 6 years old need between Here are just a few of the signs of sleep deprivation in children to watch for.



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