cot bed rail teether Cot bed rail teether

I made up some teething rail guards so he can chew on those instead. They are simply some rectangles with straps on the sides that snap onto the back to hold the guards in place.

cot bed rail teether Cot bed rail teether

I made them out of a cute cotton print, also used on the sleeping bag , and used an old towel for the backing. To make these up: Measure the width of the cot inside the side rails to get the width for your fabric.

Measure the length you want. At the same time, measure the length of straps you will need.

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  • As you can see in the bottom picture, I made mine a fair bit longer than needed. Cut out 2 rectangles of main fabric and 2 of your backing fabric using your measurements, plus a seam allowance. Cut out 4 strap pieces, using your measured length, plus about 3cm extra and twice the width of the strap you want. Clip the seam allowance at the corner and turn the strap right side out. Repeat for remaining straps. To make up the guards, take a rectangle of main fabric and a rectangle of backing fabric and place right sides together.

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  • Sandwich the straps in the middle with the open ends of the straps sticking out. Sew all the way around the edge, leaving an opening to turn your work. Clip the corners and turn right way out.

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  • Press Top-stitch all the way around the edge. This will close the opening you had for turning.

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    Attach one side of your snaps to the main part of the guard and then put the guard over the cot. Mark where to put the other half of the snap on the strap and then attach the snap. Repeat for remaining snaps.

    Fabric cot rail cover or plastic cot rail cover , both work well and offer additional protection. My son has never slept in a crib but he never once chewed on anything while teething.

    To make guards for the sides of your cot too, just leave off the straps, and put snaps along the length snapping between the bars.



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