cot bed teething rail Cot bed teething rail

There are many things you look for, but primarily, it will need to be sturdy and safe.

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  • The most common questions we get asked by end users when we demonstrate at shows when buying a cot or cot bed…. How long will it last for? Will it fit in my nursery? Which Stamford Sleigh is right for me?

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    Lets keep it simple. Cots are usually smaller than cot beds, ideal for smaller nurseries. Cots do not convert into a toddler bed as your child grows, cot beds do. Cot beds are bigger as they convert from a cot, into a toddler bed.

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  • As they are multi-purpose, they last your child longer, offering better value to money. Day beds are handy as you can still use the bed as extra seating with no age restriction. Cot All cots, regardless of size of mattress, are suitable until your child can climb out of them, this is usually around 18 months old, but can be both shorter and longer dependant on the child.

    cot bed teething rail Cot bed teething rail

    Cot Bed In cot mode, as above. Once converted to a toddler bed, it will depend on the growth of your child.

    A cot bed is also larger than a standard cot. Choosing the baby furniture is a pretty exciting part of preparing for a new family member.

    Generally a cot bed with a mattress size of x 60cm will last to 3 to 4 years old. A cot bed with a x 70cm mattress size can be used to approximately 4 years. Day Bed Once you have had the use as a cot and toddler bed, you can continue to use as a day bed, there is no age limit. Three position base Our Stamford cot and cot beds have different features, but they do all have three position bases. Top position — keep on this position for a couple of months, until your little one can role over Middle position — should be used until they can pull themselves up Bottom position — once your child can climb out of the cot, they need to be introduced to a toddler bed Will it fit in my nursery?

    Have a look at the table below to see at a glance the mattress and space you require.

    cot bed teething rail Cot bed teething rail



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