are cot bed and toddler beds the same size Are cot bed and toddler beds the same size

The logical progression for your child is to move from a cot to a toddler bed. Most children require a larger bed somewhere around the age of 2.

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  • The advantages of toddler beds are many. In this article, we will explain why it is such a good idea to move your baby from a cot to a toddler bed. Additionally, toddler beds are built lower to the ground, making it easy for your toddler to get in and out of bed.

    Toddler beds make it possible for your child to smoothly transition from a cot to a single bed.

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    In fact, some toddler beds convert to a single bed, making that needed future change easier for your child. Most toddler mattresses are covered in vinyl so that they are easy to wipe clean if your toddler has an accident during the night.

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  • Paints and finishes are child proof as well. Toddler beds are convenient.

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    A toddler bed is generally inches long and a single bed is around 80 inches. Therefore, toddler beds take up less space and fit well in smaller rooms, allowing more room for a play area.

    Additionally, since the cot mattress usually fits the new toddler bed, you will not have to purchase new sheets and other bedding.

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    We previously mentioned a convertible toddler bed that changes to a single when your toddler gets older. This option saves you from the expense of buying a new single bed when the toddler bed is outgrown.

    Small children are hard on furniture, jumping on their beds and playing active imaginary games.

    are cot bed and toddler beds the same size Are cot bed and toddler beds the same size

    Manufacturers, therefore, usually use metal for frames to provide durability and strength. Many toddler beds have built-in guard rails to prevent your toddler from falling out of bed. These rails also help your toddler feel safe. Toddler-size beds are lower to the floor than single beds, so if your child rolls out of bed, they are less likely to be hurt.

    Toddler beds provide an excellent transition from a cot to a full-size single bed. When deciding on which toddler bed to buy, consider your budget and the amount of space you have. Also, remember that every child is different and consider the needs of your baby.

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  • Choose from the large variety of toddler beds available and find the perfect toddler bed for your little one.



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