cot bed oak furniture land Cot bed oak furniture land

We had an oak bed custom made by a carpenter, and we are pleased with that, but needed some other pieces to match. On arrival we asked if we could see the Windsor range. So we went home. What a waste of time and fuel. On the following Friday we rang them to ensure they had the range in the showroom!

So we made another trip on the following Sunday. Another 36 mile round trip, again, at our expense. Bad experience 2 We visited the store, we looked at the Windsor range.

cot bed oak furniture land Cot bed oak furniture land

It was a totally different colour to that shown on the website. The website shows it as a mid to dark brown. The actuality is dark grey to almost green.

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  • Apple Macs generally have fairly good colour rendition a lot of professional photographers use them. I do realise it is a bit subjective, but I am going to say the colour was not the same. A more general point about the OFL website: Evidently the photography is also suspect.

    It looks like something from a bygone age. Anyway… So — The Windsor Range was out. Bad experience 3 We eventually settled for something called the Quercus range.

    We selected two bedside cabinets, a chest of drawers and a bookcase. I asked the guy to price it, and he said he could throw in a free oak framed mirror. No discount — oh, unless I was in the army! But no room to haggle at all.

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  • As any half decent negotiator should do in this situation, I walked away. So we placed the order via the website. Shock horror, it comes out cheaper if you order online anyway! So far from the store refusing to negotiate, the website was cheaper anyway. My bet is, not very. Absolutely disgraceful experience 5 A small number of hours after I placed my order online, and surrendered more than a grand of my money to OFL, I received a telephone call from a freephone number.

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    It being a Sunday, I answered it, unsure who it might be. Particularly as their website gives their customer service hours as not even open on Sunday! Is this your first order with us? No excess, no charge. I had politely declined twice. The guy would not go away. Once done, we ended the call. Message to Oak Furniture Land There was a perfect opportunity for you to upsell to me when I was in store.

    But you squandered it for all the reasons above. Just because I have formed a contract with you to supply me furniture in exchange for me supplying you money does not mean that I am now fair game for agressive telesales on a Sunday evening. That is not OK. Concentrate on selling oak furniture. I shall not expect it to stop anytime soon then!

    It will be interesting to see what the furniture is like, once it turns up. I had a callback from David, indicating that he saw my point of view — particularly around the nature of the unsolicited sales call. He referred to it being used as an example in a weekly meeting. More usefully and relevantly, he was able to book in my delivery for this Friday, which was actually quite impressive; I do not generally expect managers to be directly empowered to arrange things like deliveries.

    But sure enough, mere seconds after the call completed an SMS arrived on my phone confirming the delivery. So far so good. Extra messages were received improving the accuracy of the timeslot from 2pm — 5pm. Earlier on in the day I received a call from the delivery driver, and then again a little before 1pm, asking if it would be convenient if the delivery actually arrived at about a quarter of an hour before 2pm.

    So we placed the order via the website. They phoned 20 minutes before they arrived to let you know how long they would be.

    I said this was fine, and sure enough it arrived bang on time. The two delivery chaps were friendly and helpful.

    Browse our site to find what you need, contact our team of furniture experts with any questions, then buy with confidence through our secure website. As with all drawers at Oak Furniture Land, these are handmade using resilient dovetail joints with solid oak backs, base and runners.

    And holy cow it was well packed. On five items of furniture; a chest of drawers, a bookcase, two bedside tables and the packaging material, once removed, was too voluminous to all fit in my 3 series BMW saloon! Two trips to the dump!

    cot bed oak furniture land Cot bed oak furniture land

    But, the packaging did its job; not a mark on any of the furniture. David from OFL called just moments after the delivery had arrived to check all was well. Friday evening and Saturday morning we unpackaged and arranged the furniture. This took a while because most items were replacing other items — so there was a pile of stuff to migrate.

    We are very pleased with the quality of the furniture. It is solid and heavy, and, fortunately, matches our custom made bed extremely well indeed. You would think it had all been made as one set. So this is a story with a happy ending. Well done Oak Furniture Land.

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