cream sleigh cot bed Cream sleigh cot bed

I was initially worried that it might give Josh a headache so opened the window during the daytime to try to dissipate the pong.

How was the Sleigh cotbed to assemble? It was OK to assemble, but it did take a while. You should build it where you want it or prepare to put your back out shifting it from one room to another. Was it easy to convert from a cot to a cotbed?

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  • I pre-emptively tried to convert it from a cot to a cotbed to see how it would be and it was child's play — you simply remove both sides. How comfortable is the Sleight Cotbed? Josh is very comfortable in the bed, since he started slumbering in it he has begun sleeping through the night hurrah!

    Of course, this may just be a coincidence.

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  • What is the teething rail like? However, the rail is only on one side.

    cream sleigh cot bed Cream sleigh cot bed

    To encourage Josh not to chew on the cot, we positioned the side without the rail next to a wall, and so far, so good. Is the cotbed easy to keep clean? Just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

    With this model there is also the option to use it as a sofa once your child has completely outgrown it, by re-attaching one of the sides. If you are pleased, please share this connect to social networks to make the people near you are also motivated. This wipe-clean plastic coating covers the top rails of the cot.

    What did you think of the under cot drawers? The drawer is an added bonus and great for storage.

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    Is it value for money? You could get a cheaper cot bed but it may not be as attractive or functional. Parents who want to invest in a good-quality, attractive product that will last for years. MadeForMums Verdict A classic, sturdy cot bed that will grow with your baby — and look stylish in the process. Although not a bargain, this product is a good investment and the price tag reflects its quality.



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